The Referral Process

The easiest and best way to refer a child for shopping is to have the family call Clothes To Kids and tell us that they have a free or reduced lunch letter. 
That's all they need! It's really that simple! 


The referral form

 The referral form can be completed by the following community advocates:  

  • A social worker or caseworker at a local agency
  • A teacher, guidance counselor, or social worker at a school
  • A religious leader at a place of worship

The CTK Referral Form must be printed on your agency, school, or congregation letterhead and must be dated and signed by an agency representative.  Please fill out our the CTK Referral Form completely, including the following:  

  1. Parent name, address, and phone number
  2. Children’s names, dates of birth, and the school they attend
  3. A sentence stating that you know the family and that they are in need of assistance

the referral letter

We ask that you refer only those families that you know firsthand, and who you know to be in financial need of our services.  We also ask that you verify that the children are enrolled in Pinellas County Schools, grades Pre-K4 through 12th.  Please notify parent or guardian that they may be asked to provide proof of enrollment upon arrival at CTK.  All referral letters are subject to verification.  If you would like to refer a family to shop at CTK, please click here

Please instruct families to call 727-441-5050 to make an appointment and remind them to bring their lunch letter or referral with them to their appointment. Parents are not required to bring their children to obtain clothing, however they are always welcome as fitting rooms are available.  Clothes To Kids is a year-round program.  Eligible children may shop twice in a 12-month period and must have a copy of their free lunch letter or recent referral at each appointment.